Welcome to the Onion Routed Cloud, a decentralized, anonymous, object storage platform owned and operated by allies in defense of human rights and opposition to censorship.

Need help? Come join us in Riot!.

ORC is a volunteer run cloud storage network that protects users from surveillance and puts them in control of their data.

For Activists

Organize safely and effectively by preventing adversaries from monitoring your efforts and protect each other's identities.

For Journalists

Protect your sources by sharing files securely and anonymously, then publish without risk of censorship from governments or internet service providers.

For Friends

Keep what's between friends just between friends. Share photos, videos, and documents with people you trust.


When you store a file in the ORC network, your file is first encrypted on your computer using a key that only you hold. The encrypted file is then split into different pieces and "parity" pieces are generated for redundancy. ORC connects to other peers, which are Tor hidden services, and starts learning about where it can store the pieces of your file. Once enough information is collected about the network, each individual piece of the encrypted file is transferred to a peer and your computer keeps track of where those pieces are so they can be retrieved again.

Since ORC runs exclusively over the Tor network, each peer is a hidden service. This means that not only is your data encrypted and shredded into pieces so it cannot be read or reassembled by anyone but you, it also means that the peers storing the data don't know anything about you, not even your IP address.

The best way to get help with running ORC is to check out the documentation, join the #orc channel in our community chat, or opening a ticket on our issue tracker.

There are many ways to help support the development of ORC. The first and most important way is to use it! ORC gets stronger with every peer that comes online! You can also make a charitable donation to our fundraising campaign, contribute features or fix bugs, answer questions in our community chat, or email us and ask to spread the word with some stickers!

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